Summer has arrived!

Well it appears summer has arrived…well what I mean by that of course is that I have bought a BBQ and some garden furniture and it has been sunny for more than two days! As I’m English that is officially summer for me! We’ve moved into a new house and we are definitely taking advantage […]

Augmented Reality

My new interest has become Augmented Reality I really believe this is  the future and apparently I’m not the only one! People are constantly chatting about it on Twitter and their have been a host of other blog posts and articles about it recently most quoting the ABI Research prediction that the value of this […]

Stumbling around the net

I found a few videos whilst stumbling around the internet and thought I would share both the videos and, to those that have not been introduced to it, Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is an excellent web app that really opens up the web and its content. The concept is fairly simple you sign up and […]

Surfing in October?!

The weather down here is still pretty good, well actually pretty amazing for October! The last few weeks we’ve been to random Cornish beaches at the weekend and whilst the guys have been surfing I’ve been flying the kite and occasionally recovering from hangovers! This week I took a good camera with me and got […]


So I’m now down here in Truro all settled in and happy working for Nixon design. Since moving down I’ve been making friends with a heap of people and catching up with my old school friends who were already down here! I’ll be posting soon about all the beaches and things I’ve been up to. […]

Job hunt is over

Well the job hunt is now over! I have managed to secure a job in Cornwall and now the only thing left to do is find a house!

Job hunt

I am currently in the market for a new job, ideally in the Basingstoke, Bournemouth or Truro areas. The reason I am leaving my current position is the commute to and from London takes up around 3 hours a day and I do not wish to move into central London; which on a personal note […]


Welcome to my blog, I use this for a number of reasons but primarily to keep an up-to-date version of my résumé and portfolio available online, which can be reached via the top navigation. I also post on the Nixon Design blog when I find interesting articles as well as my Twitter Feed. I apologise […]