Officially a year in Cornwall

Well I’ve just come to realise I’ve been in Cornwall a year now! To celebrate we’re off camping tonight and to put the kites up on the beach! On a secondary note if anyone (I say as if people stream to this site every time I post) has been waiting for the new layout it […]

Summer has arrived!

Well it appears summer has arrived…well what I mean by that of course is that I have bought a BBQ and some garden furniture and it has been sunny for more than two days! As I’m English that is officially summer for me! We’ve moved into a new house and we are definitely taking advantage […]

Surfing in October?!

The weather down here is still pretty good, well actually pretty amazing for October! The last few weeks we’ve been to random Cornish beaches at the weekend and whilst the guys have been surfing I’ve been flying the kite and occasionally recovering from hangovers! This week I took a good camera with me and got […]