Commercial Projects

Through out my career I have been lucky enough to work on a number of commercial projects; on this page I will list a number of these projects and discuss my involvement these further. Unfortunately due to the rapid development of the web industry a number of projects I have worked on in the past have been re-visited and in places brand new sites launched in their place.

Brunswick Films

Brunswick FilmsBrunswick films was one of the first sites I took lead development on, the web page allows users to browse race footage and to order prints of Images from a number of races. Developing this system meant working with Images on the import stage in order to convert and store large images into multiple size formats for download as well as watermarking images to display on the site. This project allowed me to get my first experience working directly with clients from requirements gathering to delivery and support.

Eddie Izzard

The Eddie Izzard site has recently been relaunched but whilst at Clock and in its previous incarnation I developed the payment system for this site that interfaced with the Secure Trading API to enable users to pay for and download the Eddie Izzard Tom Tom voice pack.

Email Campaigns

Time Out London weekly newsletterI have been in charge of sending out both the Simon Amstell and Time Out weekly newsletters the latter having a distribution of over 130,000 people. The Time Out email is sent using a service called Email Vision which you must insert the created HTML structure into and create your campaigns from this before sending out to the selected lists. The Simon Amstell newsletter on the other hand was sent out using an in house system that I helped develop that would allow large campaign send outs using both e-mail and text messaging services.

Time Out re-design

Time Out Travel Guides - ParisOne of my largest undertakings at Time Out has been to build the new HTML and CSS structure for the site which will be used throughout the site and is currently in use on throughout the newly built travel section. This structure has also been distributed out to all international franchises as a blueprint for their sites development.

University Individual Project (dissertation)

A Study of the Development Process and Usability of a Web-Based System

Project build screen shotThis is the Individual project that I created for my BSC (Hons) Computing degree and involved 10,000 word essay as well as a working software build, in this case a Domain administration system capable of storing domains and linking these to user accounts. The system created was developed to aid the task of monitoring and administering a large number of domains for multiple clients. The project focused on the development process with a focus on how important usability is to web systems and at which points it affects the development process.

Download a copy of my Individual assignment